CLIENT RELATION: 2007 to 2017


KEY SKILLS: Editorial, strategy, analytics, programming, design and video

After the 2008 crisis, Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) - the biggest bank in Portugal - wanted to create a way to help people manage their finances in a better, more informed, way. It was a social responsibility project - the brand’s goal was to help people make better financial decisions and also fight over indebtedness. It turned out to be a great tool for conversion, with great results. Saldo Positivo became one of the most visited financial literacy websites in Europe.


How can CGD help people navigate their finances better?



With little to no offer in financial literacy in portuguese, in such an heavily regulated market, we set out to discover what people needed and how we could offer it to them in layman terms. The initial challenge was to improve CGD’s brand perception, in a time when people were highly discontent with financial institutions.

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We created an editorial website from scratch, loaded with content on financial literacy. With regular updates, Saldo Positivo soon became the leader on the subject, growing rapidly, in a time when people needed help with their home budgets and their financial decisions.

Knowing that the main type of companies in Portugal are small or medium enterprises, with little to no knowledge on financial literacy subjects, in 2012 we launched a new area on Saldo Positivo focused on companies - “Saldo Positivo Empresas”.

In time, the full project evolved from the initial goal, set on brand perception, and we started using Saldo Positivo as a powerful insight generator and also for conversion. And what a tool it proved to be.

We were responsible for managing the website on a daily basis with a dedicated team.


  1. Website

  2. Personal finance workshops

  3. Children’s programmes at KidZania



In 2016, the website attracted over 7 million unique visitors, that saw over 25 million pageviews



In total, 2,738 articles, infographics, guides, quizzes and 200+ videos were published in the lifespan of this project, that won many awards.

In 2016, the website attracted over 7 million unique visitors, that saw over 25 million pageviews. The impact on brand perception was very relevant, with an average uplift of 9%.


personal finance workshops




A series of workshops around Portugal on financial literacy. Designed to turn Saldo Positivo into a live experience, for the editorial team to share personal finance information, good ideas and best practices, it reached over 1,000 people in eight cities. Teaching people how to create an emergency fund or why young parents should have life insurance, the workshops were used to engage customers with CGD.


CHildren’s program atkidzania

2010 - 2015



To celebrate World Savings Day (31st October), every year between 2010 and 2015, kids were sent on a mission by Caixa Geral de Depósitos in the theme park KidZania. Kids had to complete a series of tasks, that were designed to teach them financial terms and concepts, in order to receive gifts. The programmes were highly successful, with high engagement rates.