KEY SKILLS: Strategy, Business intelligence and Analytics, Editorial, Programming, UX and Design, Design Thinking, Project management, Print production, Photography and Video

The kick off to the creation of Pingo Doce’s digital strategy was in 2014, with a design thinking project looking into what people want and expect from the brand. Strengthening the brand as a food specialist was one of the main goals we had. We started with editorial and design and now this project involves a huge spectrum of competencies, ranging from strategy to programming and design on a daily basis.



The main challenge was to strengthen Pingo Doce’s brand as a food specialist, to demonstrate the own brand’s value and to help people live better. We chose design thinking as the tool for the exploratory phase, in order to understand what people want and how they want it.


Our job in Pingo Doce is to ensure a seamless experience in every screen.

Mobile traffic now accounts for 52% of all traffic all over the world and it will keep on growing.



We set out to restructure and redesign the website and reposition it, crafting a strategy that is strong on food related content. Recipes and techniques were the center of the editorial work. Food has been on everyone’s minds during these past few years - with an impressive yearly 6M+ search volume, so the website grew a lot, especially with people that were not thinking about a brand, but were looking to solve a problem.

The main focus of our strategy was to be there when people needed help with their meals and get togethers, with their friends and family. We ended up programming the website and being responsible for managing it on a daily basis with a fully dedicated team.


Every year, there are over 6 million Google searches related to food

54% of the traffic go direct to recipes area in Pingo Doce website



Visits and engagement with the website grew exponentially. This allowed the project to grow in different directions, in terms of content but also in terms of the institutional and commercial areas, for a more consistent experience sitewide. This project - and its results and ambition - is a result of the connection between both teams.

More on this journey: Pingo Doce is a digital project of shared experience and focus on quality, that started from (almost) zero and grew to a highly interesting case study, which is in constant development.


  1. Website

  2. Sabe Bem Magazine (2014-2017)

  3. Sabe Bem Newsletter

  4. Special Projects





about the magazine

Between 2014 and 2017 we published a magazine for Pingo Doce, Sabe Bem (it translates to “It tastes good”). A monthly glossy publication, it is sold exclusively at Pingo Doce’s stores. The magazine is focused on great pictures of exclusive recipes. Our job was to help Pingo Doce decide with the editorial positioning, the production of both recipes and photographs, design and layouts.




about the NEWSLETTER

The editorial newsletter Sabe Bem is totally focused on food, offering both recipes and techniques, and it launched in 2016. It has open and click rates consistently higher than other retail benchmarks. It is a helpful tool to help people connecting with the brand weekly.



In 6 months we achieved 22k with 12% of entries in the recipes area. With a dedicate curating, we share the best recipes and techniques with our followers.