Not quite what you’re expecting

We're a group of strategists, writers, designers and technologists (groundbreaking). But did you know we're also anthropologists, aspiring musicians, surfers, artisans, free thinkers, and biologists collaborating together? It's the diversity of our team and their ideas that inspires and shapes industry-leading work. This is who we are.


António Domingues

Always keep in mind the important things of life.


Duarte Carvalho

Through the lens comes the experience of our life. It is the extension of our gaze and our heart. Who doesn't love to tell a story?


Joana Andrade

The egg. A perfect starting point in a perfect package. It has its own security system (it sinks if it’s good). Endless possibilities and endless hours of creative fun in the kitchen.


Mafalda Maia

A fast-talk english phrase book written in the 19th century by a man that didn't speak english. I like it because it shows that perseverance can be fun, though not necessarily for the person that shows it.

Marta Guimarães

Every destination is a new challenge and the only impossible destination is the one you never been to. This is what moves me.


Rita Miguel

It's never too late to pursue your passions and overcome your fears.


Sérgio Veterano

Never mind the end result, just enjoy the journey


Carlos Martinho

True stories are always based on fiction.


Elsa Gomes

“This is you” said my best friend. Well, at the end, we are all matrioskas and that’s my Plot challenge: find out what others, distracted, missed out.


João Calado

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.


Margarida Silva

The kochi chime. A beautiful musical instrument that put you away from everything. It has the sound of the sea and is the perfect way to concentrate - you can listen to it on youtube also .


Nuno Silva

That’s it. My creative process is very much like this: pure anarchy. That’s why I’m always battling outside to do exactly the opposite and control each and every inch of my fate (trying).


Rui Borges

Not too sharp not too dull. Perfect match.


Sofia Lamachão

Always trusting in the intuition and in the beauty of the unexpected.


Cláudia Monchique

It all begins when we go off road, create new paths and enjoy the adventure to its fullest.


Inês Aires Mateus

I have a thing for sneakers. They make me feel young, confident and comfortable enough to keep on taking first leaps.


Luciana Leitão

Two sides of the same story or how you need a little something to help you adapt? Either way, it all comes down to the same thing: my story.


Marlene Serrano

All experiences are stories waiting to be told and unless they're written, you can lose them forever.

Patrícia Alves

If you look at my desk it is caotic but, at the same time, I am obsessed with to-do lists. That's how I work -always trying to tame my chaotic way of having ideas.


Rute Marques

Every good story ends with a good punch line. Knock out content!


Sónia Garcia

The important thing, the really really important thing is to find the right soundtrack for your days, to make this moves flow with nice sounds and simple and happy thoughts.


Cláudia Soares

I like juicy things. With personality and good taste. Yes, you have to spit the seeds out, but that’s the game. Take the best part of it and put the rest aside.


Inês Reis

My hysterical green thermal jug. Most times it’s filled with ginger, cinnamon, and lemon tea. Warning: don’t try this recipe with your team, unless you are ready to make amazing work.


Mafalda AguiLar

Mother. Wife. Journalist. Diligent as worker bee, I work relentlessly to turn words into useful information, which, occasionally, can also be sweet as honey.


Marta Cordeiro

Two in one. The journey that becomes a story, the story that becomes a walk. Let´s ride?


Pedro Dias

The iPod, or as I call it, the iBuddy. The best friend, right after the dog. So far the best invention to ride loaded with thousands of songs. It was essential to me.


Sara Batista

Kodak Brownie, 1913. Just one of my old analog cameras. love them. The mystery behind every new film, every new click, makes me feel like a kid again.


Teresa d’Ornellas

I like stories that take me to the moon (or anywhere else) but sometimes I need my special shoes to get my feet back on the ground.


It’s important to us to feel good and feel connected

A day at Plot can be fast-paced but it can also teach you a lot. Working with us means your day might start by discussing the latest food trends over coffee in our lounging space, followed by a yoga class during lunch break and a brainstorm via Skype in the afternoon, from your own home, if you feel like it.


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