KEY SKILLS: Strategy, Business intelligence and Analytics, Editorial, SEO, Programming, UX and Design, Design Thinking, Social media management, Email marketing, Project management, Print production, Photography and Video

Montepio is the oldest and the most tailored story we have to tell. In fact, when we started working together we weren’t yet Plot, and Montepio was viewed as a single brand, combining the mutual benefits association, its foundation, a bank (Caixa Económica Montepio Geral), and all the other assets under the group’s umbrella. Looking back, it’s been quite a journey of “mutual” discovery. From the good old days of a small and simple printed publication to the thrilled new days of a global content strategy that involves both print and digital.


We're on a nonstop mission to bring together a unified content strategy to solidify the Associação Mutualista’s role as a helpful and meaningful brand.



We're on a nonstop mission to bring together a unified content strategy to solidify the Associação Mutualista’s role as a helpful and meaningful brand. Therefore, the challenge has evolved since the beginning.

The latest (2016-), and the most challenging was to create a new powerful website after a long period on the shadow of its own bank website. Having to build the association website from scratch, the goal was tremendous: we had to make the transition of this legacy brand to new content platforms, where their more than 600,000 members and prospects are now “living” on a daily basis. We did that, with one additional difficulty: making it clear for the audience that one thing is the association’s website, the one we created, and a different website is the bank’s platform. Two separate digital paths.

-X-X-X-X-X- Podemos usar um gráfico ou uma imagem mais técnica -X-X-X-X-X-

-X-X-X-X-X- Podemos usar um gráfico ou uma imagem mais técnica -X-X-X-X-X-



We started analysing the purpose of each communication channel or platform. Then, we

designed and set up the content structure for the first ever Associação website. We did it from scratch, analysing the customer journey, designing the new interface, programming it, and writing each and every single line of copy.

We also added a valuable asset that we’d been developing since 2012 with Associação Mutualista: a personal finance blog named “Ei - Educação, Informação” (it stands for "Education, Information"). That was the perfect combination between branded content (the commercial side) and unbranded content (the search side), making the brand relevant and useful and continuously testing the products and services pages to give the right response to people’s needs.


  1. Website

  2. Montepio magazine

  3. Montepio Jovem newspaper

  4. Em Direto - Internal Publication

  5. Social Media - Ei Facebook page

  6. Email marketing

  7. Printed reports and brochures


Today, we have a fully dedicated team working daily with Associação Mutualista

which represents the fine-tuning of brand philosophy with people behavior knowledge.



Unbranded traffic has been very relevant for Associação Mutualista Montepio.

Ei - Educação, Informação” entries
Increase of 21% in Organic traffic from September 17 to September 18


Montepio Magazine

what & why

Montepio Magazine prints more than 450 thousand copies quarterly for the over 20 years old members. It has long been collecting editorial and design awards in Portugal and abroad. Its origins go back to the early 1980’s and we recently redesigned it. We began the last redesign with design thinking sessions and with the collection of insights and data from members and the rest of the community. We ended up with a much more clear and simple product focused on people and their stories.


Montepio Jovem


It’s not only a newspaper, but it’s also a collectible, filled with illustration and dedicated to all the young Associação Mutualista’s members between 13 and 20 years old. Every quarter, the newspaper brings the association to life reaching their younger members, exploring relevant teenage topics and addressing their needs and interests. Always mixing their financial present with their dreamed well-being in the future in a cool and trendy style.


Our strategy for Associação Mutualista Montepio’s Facebook page has a very clear mission. It is used to drive traffic to the financial literacy project, the unbranded side of the website. The page has a great impact when it comes to awareness and engagement with people, in lighter topics.



From annual reports to brand brochures, we make part of the construction of the brand identity. See some of the examples.